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Generic Repository Pattern for .net core

Generic Repository Pattern for C# .net Core

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A simple lean & clean generic repository pattern for .net core abstraction layer EntityFramework Core.

Originally inspired by writing my blog post Generic Repository Pattern .net core, however the project has moved on to develop a reusable unit of work package with dependency injection functionality.


The simplest method to install Threenine.Data into your solution/project is to use NuGet.:

    nuget Install-Package Threenine.Data

Or via the DotNet Cli

    dotnet add package Threenine.Data

Check out Nuget package page for more details.

Bugs & Feature requests

If you want to raise bugs or Request a feature please do so via a Github issue and we will attempt to address it as soon as resource is available to do so.

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All the documentation of how to use and implement the Threenine.Data : Generic Unit of Work and Repository is available on Read the Docs

Threenine.Data is developed and supported for free.

If you would like to make a donation to keep the developers stocked with coffee and pizza’s would be greatly appreciated.

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